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HeaderField Constructor (name, value)
NamespacesLumiSoft.Net.MimeHeaderFieldHeaderField(String, String)
Creates new header field with specified name and value.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++F#
public HeaderField(
	string name,
	string value
Public Sub New ( 
	name As String,
	value As String
	String^ name, 
	String^ value
new : 
        name : string * 
        value : string -> HeaderField
name (String)
Header field name. Header field name must end with colon(:) and may contain US-ASCII character values between 33 and 126.
value (String)
Header field value.

Assembly: LumiSoft.Net (Module: LumiSoft.Net.dll) Version: 4.5.5510.19119