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LumiSoft.Net.Mime Namespace
This namespace contains Mime message related classes.
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Address Obsolete.
Rfc 2822 3.4 Address class. This class is base class for MailboxAddress and GroupAddress.

AddressList Obsolete.
Rfc 2822 3.4 address-list. Rfc defines two types of addresses mailbox and group.

address-list syntax: address *("," address).

address syntax: mailbox / group.

mailbox syntax: ['"'dispaly-name'"' ]<localpart@domain>.

group syntax: '"'dispaly-name'":' [mailbox *(',' mailbox)]';'.

ContentDisposition_enum Obsolete.
Rfc 2183 Content-Disposition.

ContentTransferEncoding_enum Obsolete.
Rfc 2045 6. Content-Transfer-Encoding. Specified how entity data is encoded.

GroupAddress Obsolete.
RFC 2822 3.4. (Address Specification) Group address.

Syntax: display-name':'[mailbox *(',' mailbox)]';'

HeaderField Obsolete.
Mime entity header field.

HeaderFieldCollection Obsolete.
Mime entity header fields collection.

HeaderFieldParameter Obsolete.
Header field parameter.

HeaderFieldParameterCollection Obsolete.
Header field parameters collection.

MailboxAddress Obsolete.
RFC 2822 3.4. (Address Specification) Mailbox address.

Syntax: ["display-name"<SP>]<local-part@domain>.

MailboxAddressCollection Obsolete.
Rfc 2822 3.4 mailbox-list. Syntax: mailbox *(',' mailbox).

MediaType_enum Obsolete.
Rfc 2046,2387 Media Types.

Mime Obsolete.
Class for creating,parsing,modifing rfc 2822 mime messages.

MimeEntity Obsolete.
Rfc 2822 Mime Entity.

MimeEntityCollection Obsolete.
Mime entity collection.

MimeUtils Obsolete.
Provides mime related utility methods.

ParametizedHeaderField Obsolete.
Parametized header field.

Syntax: value;parameterName=parameterValue;parameterName=parameterValue;... . Example: (Content-Type:) text/html; charset="ascii".