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Connect Method (localEP, remoteEP, ssl, certCallback)
NamespacesLumiSoft.Net.TCPTCP_ClientConnect(IPEndPoint, IPEndPoint, Boolean, RemoteCertificateValidationCallback)
Connects to the specified remote end point.
Declaration Syntax
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public void Connect(
	IPEndPoint localEP,
	IPEndPoint remoteEP,
	bool ssl,
	RemoteCertificateValidationCallback certCallback
Public Sub Connect ( 
	localEP As IPEndPoint,
	remoteEP As IPEndPoint,
	ssl As Boolean,
	certCallback As RemoteCertificateValidationCallback
void Connect(
	IPEndPoint^ localEP, 
	IPEndPoint^ remoteEP, 
	bool ssl, 
	RemoteCertificateValidationCallback^ certCallback
member Connect : 
        localEP : IPEndPoint * 
        remoteEP : IPEndPoint * 
        ssl : bool * 
        certCallback : RemoteCertificateValidationCallback -> unit 
localEP (IPEndPoint)
Local IP end point to use. Value null means that system will allocate it.
remoteEP (IPEndPoint)
Remote IP end point to connect.
ssl (Boolean)
Specifies if connection switches to SSL affter connect.
certCallback (RemoteCertificateValidationCallback)
SSL server certificate validation callback. Value null means any certificate is accepted.
ObjectDisposedExceptionIs raised when this object is disposed and and this method is accessed.
InvalidOperationExceptionIs raised when TCP client is already connected.
ArgumentNullExceptionIs raised when remoteEP is null reference.

Assembly: LumiSoft.Net (Module: LumiSoft.Net.dll) Version: 4.5.5510.19119