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EndNoop Method (asyncResult)
Ends a pending asynchronous Noop request.
Declaration Syntax
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[ObsoleteAttribute("Use Noop/NoopAsync method instead.")]
public void EndNoop(
	IAsyncResult asyncResult
<ObsoleteAttribute("Use Noop/NoopAsync method instead.")>
Public Sub EndNoop ( 
	asyncResult As IAsyncResult
[ObsoleteAttribute(L"Use Noop/NoopAsync method instead.")]
void EndNoop(
	IAsyncResult^ asyncResult
[<ObsoleteAttribute("Use Noop/NoopAsync method instead.")>]
member EndNoop : 
        asyncResult : IAsyncResult -> unit 
asyncResult (IAsyncResult)
An IAsyncResult that stores state information and any user defined data for this asynchronous operation.
ObjectDisposedExceptionIs raised when this object is disposed and this method is accessed.
ArgumentNullExceptionIs raised when asyncResult is null.
ArgumentExceptionIs raised when invalid asyncResult passed to this method.
POP3_ClientExceptionIs raised when POP3 server returns error.

Assembly: LumiSoft.Net (Module: LumiSoft.Net.dll) Version: 4.5.5510.19119