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ToStreamAsync Method (stream, mailboxEncoding, completedAsyncCallback)
NamespacesLumiSoft.Net.IMAPIMAP_rToStreamAsync(Stream, IMAP_Mailbox_Encoding, EventHandler<(Of <<'(EventArgs<(Of <<'(Exception>)>>)>)>>))
Starts writing response to the specified stream.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++F#
public bool ToStreamAsync(
	Stream stream,
	IMAP_Mailbox_Encoding mailboxEncoding,
	EventHandler<EventArgs<Exception>> completedAsyncCallback
Public Function ToStreamAsync ( 
	stream As Stream,
	mailboxEncoding As IMAP_Mailbox_Encoding,
	completedAsyncCallback As EventHandler(Of EventArgs(Of Exception))
) As Boolean
bool ToStreamAsync(
	Stream^ stream, 
	IMAP_Mailbox_Encoding mailboxEncoding, 
	EventHandler<EventArgs<Exception^>^>^ completedAsyncCallback
member ToStreamAsync : 
        stream : Stream * 
        mailboxEncoding : IMAP_Mailbox_Encoding * 
        completedAsyncCallback : EventHandler<EventArgs<Exception>> -> bool 
stream (Stream)
Stream where to store response.
mailboxEncoding (IMAP_Mailbox_Encoding)
Specifies how mailbox name is encoded.
completedAsyncCallback (EventHandler<(Of <(<'EventArgs<(Of <(<'Exception>)>)>>)>)>)
Callback to be called when this method completes asynchronously.
Return Value
Returns true is method completed asynchronously(the completedAsyncCallback is raised upon completion of the operation). Returns false if operation completed synchronously.
ArgumentNullExceptionIs raised when stream is null reference.

Assembly: LumiSoft.Net (Module: LumiSoft.Net.dll) Version: 4.5.5510.19119