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ToString Method (wordEncoder, parmetersCharset, reEncode)
NamespacesLumiSoft.Net.MIMEMIME_hToString(MIME_Encoding_EncodedWord, Encoding, Boolean)
Returns header field as string.
Declaration Syntax
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public abstract string ToString(
	MIME_Encoding_EncodedWord wordEncoder,
	Encoding parmetersCharset,
	bool reEncode
Public MustOverride Function ToString ( 
	wordEncoder As MIME_Encoding_EncodedWord,
	parmetersCharset As Encoding,
	reEncode As Boolean
) As String
virtual String^ ToString(
	MIME_Encoding_EncodedWord^ wordEncoder, 
	Encoding^ parmetersCharset, 
	bool reEncode
) abstract
abstract ToString : 
        wordEncoder : MIME_Encoding_EncodedWord * 
        parmetersCharset : Encoding * 
        reEncode : bool -> string 
wordEncoder (MIME_Encoding_EncodedWord)
8-bit words ecnoder. Value null means that words are not encoded.
parmetersCharset (Encoding)
Charset to use to encode 8-bit characters. Value null means parameters not encoded. If encoding needed, UTF-8 is strongly reccomended if not sure.
reEncode (Boolean)
If true always specified encoding is used. If false and header field value not modified, original encoding is kept.
Return Value
Returns header field as string.

Assembly: LumiSoft.Net (Module: LumiSoft.Net.dll) Version: 4.5.5510.19119